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Am I Gay?

Channel News Asia's BlogTV — "Am I Gay?"

Discussing issues like, how much do Singaporeans generally know about homosexuality and what is their attitude towards it, and whether or not should topics on homosexuality be included in our secondary education.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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上战场 v

从风子的BO偷的... =X


一个智者开导他: 你去打仗会出现两种结果。 一,你生;二,你死。 你死了的话还怕什么呢。

士兵问: 如果生呢?

智者: 生也有两种情况。 一,你轻伤;二,你重伤。 轻伤的话怕什么呢。

士兵: 如果重伤呢?

智者: 重伤两个结果:一,你死;二,你轻伤。 死了怕什么呢。 轻伤没多久就可以复原,那更没有什么担心的。


不愁 :)

半夜的时候想了很多,其实最近都一直在思考着,想得睡不着就拾起了纸跟笔,开始写信给爸妈。 写出我近来的烦恼和矛盾,写了我的愧疚,写出我所谓的目标与承诺。

信写到一半的时候我还哭了,囧。 嘿嘿,少年不知愁滋味,为赋新词强说愁~~~
写完的时候我早就不哭了,只想睡觉= =
停笔把信从头看了看,突然觉得很搞笑,囧。 接着便把信丢了~ 莔

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QT - ass vs penis


I am in dire need to get both my mind and body accustomed to sleeping early and waking up damn early.

I was able to attend the lessons today but my mind was barely alive.
I conjured up stupid queries and I couldn't comprehend or simply didn't see the words like I was supposed to.

It would have been the death of me, had it been an actual examination.